About Us

Welcome to Hiking Trail!
Hiking Trail is an e-Commerce platform where not only you get the best outdoor gear, but a place where you can rely on a decent community of seasoned outdoorsmen and newcomers who are a part of the Hiking Trail community, where they share their experiences, and details of their adventures. Our goal is to encourage people to take a break from their busy and monotonous routines and spend time for their own self. There's no better way to spend it, than exploring mother nature; away from all the city noise.  

We promise to provide you with the best of everything to help you pursue your passion for the outdoors! Our team of entrepreneurs and developers have come together to make Hiking Trail a place where you can find quality goods and essentials and even some useful extras for your next outdoor adventure! After all, we all deserve a break from our busy routines. Our knowledgeable sales team and community will always be there to help you decide what's the best item in our store. We at Hiking Trail choose items which carry the best utility and a minimal design, as this company was founded by a band of outdoor enthusiasts ourselves.  Our teams are busy setting up a community page where outdoor enthusiasts can come together to share their stories and give feedback on the products used. We provide you with the best gear keeping in mind the situation of everyday people like ourselves, so we price our items accordingly with offers and discounts ever so often.

Our store carries a range of quality products and gear, all essential for a good outdoor adventure! For our climbers we’ve got a good assortment of climbing gear, such as carabiners, Ice Climbing Piolet, Ice crampons and Climbing ropes along with bags.
We’ve got many safety and survival toolkits, including First Aid kits, sleeping bags, emergency fire starting kit. We’ve got multiple outdoor tools, emergency rope bracelets, flashlights, etc. Lastly, we have camping equipment and tents to help you sleep sound while on your adventure.